Novell宣布发布Mono for Android,让C#程序员能为 Android开发应用程序。Novell在2009年曾在苹果iOS平台上推出了类似的工具MonoTouch。Mono是.NET的开源实现,Novell开发者平台主管、Mono创始人Miguel de Icaza在声明中表示,Mono for Android为独立开发者和企业提供了一种工具,可以在多个平台上共享代码,增加效率,重用他们的C#和.NET特长

Mono for Android enables developers to use Microsoft™ Visual Studio™ to create C# and .NET based applications that run on Android phones and tablets. Developers can use their existing skills and reuse code and libraries that have been built with .NET, while taking advantage of native Android APIs.